How to colour like me

Every now and again I’ll see someone saying that they wish they could colour like someone else. There were even a couple of people said similar things to me in the comments on my Daily Marker blog hop post the other day. I’ve said it myself enough times; looked at other people’s art and despaired at ever being that good.

To the people who wish they could create something like my rainbow hair card: if you can colour at all, you can, with a bit of practise, colour like that. I started making cards less than three years ago and I made my first card with Copics just over two years ago. I am not an artist, other than some computer-based bits I hadn’t done much of anything creative since I was at school (which was quite a while ago), and I most definitely have not been practising every night.

This post is my advice for anyone who wants to improve their colouring.

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