Personal favourites of 2015

Seeing the most-liked cards on Instagram made me think about which cards I would put on my own personal favourites from the last year.

This was hard. I could have easily picked more — there are two or three other Christmas cards that are definitely good enough to be on here and several others from earlier in the year that I struggled to leave off. But I wanted it to be representative of the work I’ve done this year and each one of these cards makes the cut for more than just being a finished card that I like the look of; they are all cards where I’ve tried something different, learned a new technique, or solved a problem and been really pleased with the result.


Most-liked cards of 2015

It’s always interesting to see which cards people like so I joined in with posting my most-liked photos over on Instagram. Cards from earlier in the year do miss out though — I only started posting regularly in March when I joined in with the first Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge — and the more recent cards have been seen by more people as my follower count has grown.

But it’s still nice to be reminded of what was appreciated and it has prompted me to put together my own list of personal favourites from this year, which I will be posting later today. For now, here are the Instagram favourites.


New domain name

I created this blog in 2014 as a means of recording the cards I make.

I made this blog public in January 2015 once I’d caught up writing up the cards I’d already made.

And now I’ve got a domain name for it.

The old WordPress URL still works and will redirect to the new one. The only thing that doesn’t seem to redirect is the RSS feed, so if you follow this blog using a feed reader you’ll need to resubscribe. And you can get in touch by emailing “contact at new domain name”.

Welcome to